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USA PRO CHALLENGE –Team Type 1 – Update

Aug 26, 2011

Wednesday Fabio Calabria went down in an accident early in the race and was left with a bad road rash and bruising to his upper torso. But unlike his teammate Daniele Callegarin who ended up in the hospital for face and hand surgery he was able to get up and finish the 130 mile stage 2 route over the 2 highest peaks in the race.

In Thursday’s stage three, both Javier Megias and Fabio Calabria, who both have type 1 diabetes and must monitor their blood glucose and periodically take insulin while riding long distances, finished the Vail time trial among huge crowds in bright Colorado mountain sunshine.

“I felt horrible today from my crash on Wednesday, and spent the whole time trial struggling without feeling like I could put any power to the pedals. I had a good massage afterwards and feel a lot better, but my whole body ached and Thursday for me was just not the best of days,” said Calabria,

Calabria said his BG at breakfast was 80, rising to 150 at the start and finishing at 200.

Megias said his BG at the start of the time trial was 110 and he finished at 225.

More importantly after 3 stages Javier sits in 60th place only 10 minutes off the lead and Calabria is sitting 28 minutes off the lead after his crash put him way behind on Wednesday.