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Update on the Cozmore™ Insulin Technology System

Apr 26, 2005

It’s been about 6 months since the CoZmonitor(tm) blood glucose module became available and I now have 30 patients with experience. Find out what I learned by going to Update on the Cozmore(tm) Insulin Technology System

Update on the Cozmore™ Insulin Technology System
Dave Joffe, Editor in Chief, Certified Pump Trainer

Most of you know that the new CoZmonitor™ blood glucose module has been out since last fall. I have had the opportunity to work with over 30 patients since then and have been impressed by the changes this little device has made.

The glucose module is part of the CozMore™ insulin technology system

The CozMore™ system includes:

The Deltec Cozmo® insulin pump – introduced in December 2002, it’s a small, easy-to-use insulin pump with advanced technology and features that can be personalized to individual lifestyles

The CoZmonitor™ blood glucose module – a blood glucose module that attaches to the back of the Deltec Cozmo® insulin pump and provides accurate, real-time blood glucose readings right into the pump

The CoZmanager™ PC communications software – a software program that provides two-way communication with the Deltec Cozmo® insulin pump and allows for programming, personalization, and review of blood glucose and insulin delivery history.

Since my patients have been using the CoZmonitor™ blood glucose module I have found they are monitoring their glucose more often. The ease of carrying only the lancet device and strips has more of my patients testing when they are out to dinner or on the road.

Since many of our patients often eat the same foods at home, testing after meals is sometimes not done as they have learned the exact carbohydrate values and do not feel it is necessary. However when my patients eat away from home, whether at a dinner, a wedding or at a hotel, it is much harder to estimate carbohydrates so the need to monitor is greater.

The CoZmonitor™ makes it a snap to monitor quickly and discreetly. And it only takes 3 steps to measure and deliver a perfect dose

1) Insert a strip and touch on sample – After a FreeStyle® test strip is inserted into the bottom of the CoZmonitor™ module, the Deltec Cozmo® pump’s screen converts to its blood glucose testing screens. The user can then touch the test strip on a blood sample. The Deltec Cozmo® pump screen indicates when the blood sample has been detected and shows that testing is in process. The blood glucose results will appear in approximately seven seconds.
2) BG result appears, select an option – The blood glucose reading appears on the pump screen and the user can select the appropriate menu item. If a bolus is chosen, the Deltec Cozmo® pump will suggest an insulin dose, which the user can choose to deliver to maintain a blood glucose level based on their personal settings. The user’s BG is recorded in the pump regardless of the action they have taken.
3) Pump returns to home screen – After the appropriate actions have been taken, the Deltec Cozmo® pump returns to the home screen and normal insulin pump operation.

By incorporating FreeStyle® Flash technology in the CoZmonitor™ module, users can take blood samples from alternate testing sites, and each test requires only three-tenths of a micro-liter of blood, the smallest sample size in the industry.

I have found that many times patients enter the wrong reading in their pumps when calculating the dose and then they end up with low glucose later.
This problem is eliminated with the CoZmonitor™.

The “behind the scenes” member of the CozMore™ insulin technology system is the CoZmanager™ PC communications software. It’s a software program that allows users to personalize their pump screens and add names, review BG test history, review insulin delivery history, see a record of carbohydrate and BG readings, and create reports that can be e-mailed directly to healthcare providers.

After downloading the software from the CoZmanager™ software CD ROM that comes with the Deltec Cozmo® pump, users can quickly and easily communicate with their Deltec Cozmo® insulin pump by connecting an infrared adapter to their computer and placing the back of the pump in front of the adapter.

Users can then personalize their pump any way they choose. They can name boluses, temporary rates, basal rates and many alerts to accommodate their lifestyle, which means more freedom and better diabetes management. Users can also view insulin delivery and carbohydrate information, as well as BG test results, from the 4,000 events that are stored in the pump.

From my view as a pump trainer this combination is the best available and offers you the medical professional the best way to help your patients achieve their goals.

For additional information about the CozMore™ Insulin Technology System, call 1-800-826-9703 or Click Here.