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Type 1 Diabetes is 2 Distinct Conditions Defined by Age at Diagnosis 

Mar 31, 2020
Editor: David L. Joffe, BSPharm, CDE, FACA

Author: Mit Suthar, PharmD. Candidate, LECOM School of Pharmacy 

New findings could spur further research into whether dormant insulin-producing cells can be reactivated. 

New research has found that children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus under the age of seven have a different type (specifically “endotype”) of the condition when compared to patients with diabetes who have been diagnosed at age thirteen or above. 

The new study was conducted at the University of Exeter and published in Diabetologia. The research was funded by Diabetes UK and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). What they found was that children diagnosed under the age of 7 do not process insulin properly, and the insulin-producing cells get destroyed rapidly.  However....

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Type 1 Diabetes is 2 Distinct Conditions Defined by Age at Diagnosis 
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