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This section is dedicated to our loyal subscribers. These tools for your practice include charts & hand-held reference cards, instruction sheets for drugs, drug reference guides, handouts for your patients, and other educational tools for you and your patients that can be used as quick reference or printable material.

Financial Help for Diabetes


Financial Help for Diabetes  A financial assistance resource list for patients having difficulty paying for their diabetes care and supplies comes from dLife. Financial Help Tool (pdf)   

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Universal Food Diary


Universal Food Diary  Here is a very basic one page food diary from dLife all your patients can use. Have them fill it out prior to their appointment. Having your patients write down their daily food intake can have a huge impact on their blood sugars. Food Diary(pdf)   

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Diabetes and Disney


Diabetes and Disney  Lilly Diabetes and Disney have announced that their custom books for children and families with type 1 diabetes are now available online. The digital books explore real-life challenges and stories of children with type 1 diabetes participating in sports activities, birthday parties and other social events. These …

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Food Log from dLife

Food Log from dLife Help your patients track what they’re eating and how their can affect their blood glucose levels with this daily food diary. Food Log (pdf) 

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Teen Toolkit


  Teen Toolkit  This guide from JDRF offers practical advice to help address the questions most common to teens with T1D — mood swings, academic performance, friendships, driving with T1D, and many others — so that parents and teens know what to expect and can enjoy this unique time in …

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A1C to mg/dl Conversion Chart


  A1C to mg/dl Conversion Chart  Enable your patients to convert their A1c percentages to more tangible blood sugar results with this easy chart. This chart will provide information that can motivate your patients to better self-care. A1C to mg/dl Conversion Chart (pdf)     

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Food Choices Sheet

  Hand out this easy-to-understand one-sheet to all your diabetes patients, especially those who are struggling to understand how to get a handle on their food choices. Then use this in your education sessions with them and review the sample food label so that they know exactly what to look …

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Patient Surveys

Please help us determine the future of glucose monitoring, what new meters should look like, and whether your patients would use a new non-invasive technology to test their glucose. Please download and take one of the following surveys (in PDF format) then if you would like to help us gather …

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  covermymeds.com    A program that helps physicians, pharmacists, complete Prior Authorization and other insurance coverage determination forms for any drug and almost all drug plans. For Plans/PBMs and clinical system vendors, CoverMYMeds offers the first credible way to move the existing PA process to a modern decision support workflow. The service …

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