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This section is dedicated to our loyal subscribers. These tools for your practice include charts & hand-held reference cards, instruction sheets for drugs, drug reference guides, handouts for your patients, and other educational tools for you and your patients that can be used as quick reference or printable material.

Insulin the Basics


Insulin the Basics  Starting on insulin can be difficult and confusing for your patients. This handout will provide some basics your patients need to know that are sometimes missed in diabetes education. Share this with your patients on insulin. Insulin – The Basics (pdf) 

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Sweeteners Chart

  Sweeteners Chart  Sweeteners can be very confusing for your diabetes patients, especially those who are newly diagnosed. This handout from the Canadian Diabetes Association outlines exactly which sweeteners raise blood sugars and which ones don’t. Do hydrogenated starch hydrolysates raise or lower blood sugars? Which ones are safe? All …

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The Diabetes Risk Test


  The Diabetes Risk Test  The risk test for diabetes was developed by the American Diabetes Association to help medical professionals find those patients with prediabetes and begin early treatment and education. Every patient should have the opportunity to take this test and discuss it with their medical team. Download …

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Diabetes Alert Auto Sticker


Diabetes Alert Auto Sticker  This free program allows anyone diagnosed with diabetes to display an alert sticker on their vehicle which will allow police enforcement and emergency personnel to be prepared for a diabetic emergency. Right now only available in Tennessee. Start your own program and learn more at http://mydiabetesalert.com/

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Go4Life Guide for Older Patients


Go4Life Guide for Older Patients  This 120-page guide from National Institute on Aging (NIH) describes the benefits of exercise and physical activity for older patients, and includes sample exercises for endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility as well as a list of resources. Go4Life was designed to help adults 50 and older incorporate …

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Exercise Log from dLife

Exercise Log from dLife Print out copies of this simple daily exercise log from dLife and start charting your patients’ progress to help them set fitness goals. Exercise Log from dLife  

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Teaching Guides


Teaching Guides from dLife  Educate, reassure, and entertain your patients with unique resources from dLife. Everything you see here is absolutely free to download and distribute. These informative teaching guides offer flexible and free curriculum resources based on the AADE’s Seven Self-Care Behaviors. Each easy to use PowerPoint module contains pre- …

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What Does Marketplace Health Insurance Cover?

What Does Marketplace Health Insurance Cover? Do you or your patients know what Marketplace Health Insurance covers? This patient handout from the U.S. healthcare.gov website explains what every plan must cover. Marketplace Health Insurance Coverages   

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Understanding the Affordable Care Act: 10 Most-Asked Questions

Understanding the Affordable Care Act: 10 Most-Asked Questions  For your patients who want more information, refer them to this helpful Kaiser Permanente website page. It answers the ten most common questions including, "Who has to buy health insurance?", "What if I don’t buy coverage in 2014?" and "Can anyone get …

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