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This section is dedicated to our loyal subscribers. These tools for your practice include charts & hand-held reference cards, instruction sheets for drugs, drug reference guides, handouts for your patients, and other educational tools for you and your patients that can be used as quick reference or printable material.

“On-Track Diabetes” App for Patients


  This app lets you log values such as glucose readings, food, exercise, and medications. Each event is entered by selecting a type (e.g., exercise), and a subtype (e.g., “swimming”) from an easily customized subtype menu. This saves time because you don’t have to type in the subtype each time. …

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Formula for Converting A1c to eAG


Formula for Converting A1c to eAG  Converting your patients A1c result to their average blood glucose will give them a better understanding of their diabetes control. Most patients do not have a true understanding of what their A1c result means to their overall health. By converting their A1c to their …

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A1c to mg/dL Conversion Chart

A1C Chart Use our A1C Chart to see how an A1C test result correlates to eAG (average daily blood sugar). Download the A1C Chart   Our A1C Chart helps your diabetes patients convert their A1C percentage, or their average blood glucose level over 2 to 3 months, to their eAG …

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Medicare Plan Finder URGENT


URGENT: Medicare Plan Finder Let your patients know that their Part D Medicare Plan is going to change Jan 1, 2011. The part D plan they are on for 2010 will be changing and they need to go to a pharmacy if they do not have access to a computer …

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Understanding Insulin Therapy


Understanding Insulin Therapy This week’s Nipro Diagnostics TRUEinsight Guide focuses on understanding the goals of insulin therapy and the types of insulin on the market. It also teaches about insulin delivery options and the importance of blood glucose monitoring to determine if your diabetes management plan is effective in achieving …

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Oral Medications and Diabetes


Oral Medications and Diabetes Nipro Diagnostics’ TRUEinsight® guide for patients focuses on understanding oral diabetes medications and how they help to control blood glucose levels. Understanding how oral medications work and their importance can help with patient medication compliance.

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QuickChek Help your patients better understand their blood glucose results with the QuickChek™ booklet, a TRUEInsight Guide™, which teaches them the importance of blood glucose monitoring. This simple, easy-to-use tool allows patients to monitor their blood glucose, track results, identify trends and use this information to better manage and achieve …

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Physical Activity Log

Physical Activity Log Do you make your patients responsible for their physical activity? Use this simple and straightforward log to help your patients take responsibility for their physical activity. Physical Activity Log

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NuVal’s Labeling System


GPS for the Grocery Store: New Food Rating System Consumers’ growing demand for nutritional guidance spurred the creation of NuVal’s labeling system. NuVal’s labeling system evaluates foods based upon more than 30 nutritional attributes, including positive ones such as fiber and negative ones such as saturated fat. It uses a …

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