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Too Common Insulin Pen Error

Nov 4, 2013

A patient who was new to insulin therapy and her husband were coached on how to use an insulin pen. The patient and her husband decided that he would give her the injections and the patient’s glucose results were fine. After a few weeks, the patient decided to begin self-injecting. However, her glucose levels were increasing at every clinic visit. Because of the continued high glucose, the CDE nurse was asked to observe the patient inject….

The patient put on the pen needle, dialed the dose, pushed the needle into the skin and then “undialed” the dose and removed the needle. The reason for increasing glucose was that the patient was not actually injecting any insulin. After a review of proper injection technique, the patient was able to inject demonstrating good technique and her glucose levels improved dramatically.

Lesson Learned:

Each patient who is new to injections or new to injection devices such as an insulin pen should be able to demonstrate how they inject with the device.

Judy F. RD, LD, CDE

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