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Tony Galliani Part 6, InPen Final Thoughts

In part 6, the conclusion of this Exclusive Interview, Tony Galliani talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed about the connectivity of the InPen with other devices.

Tony Galliani is the National Sales Director at Companion Medical located in San Diego.


Transcript of this video segment:

Freed: Okay. And anything else that — any other comments that you’d like to –?

Galliani:  Yeah, one last thing. We also have connectivity with Blood Glucose Meters and also Continuous Glucose Monitoring, so if a patient is using a meter or a CGM, it’s connected into Apple Health. They would just turn on the source sharing in Apple Health and we can display that data automatically also. So, if they’re using a connected meter each time they check their blood glucose, it’ll automatically populate on their home screen, automatically populate in the dose calculator field, and then also on the log book. And if they’re on a Dexcom G5 or a G6,, it will automatically display in the CGM reading on the log book also. So, then when the report is generated for the provider, the provider can not only see insulin dosing information but they can overlay that with CGM or BGM info as well, so they’re getting that complete picture.

Freed: Okay. Well, I want to thank you for your time! I hope that we can inform some medical people all about your product because it is fairly new. I think it’s interesting because I’ve read a number of articles that basically say because of the cost, your product will be more effective or actually cost the insurance companies a lot less money, so they would prefer —

Galliani:  Right.

Freed: So, we may see some changes in the coverage for pumps and for pens. In fact, the concept that you have is so popular, you’re going to have a lot of competition.

Galliani:  Right. And we’ve been — we’re certainly busy here at the conferences. We were standing-room only at our booth here.

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