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Tony Galliani Part 5, InPen Warranty and Insurance Coverage

In part 5 of this Exclusive Interview, Tony Galliani explains the warranty, maintenance, and insurance coverage of the new smart pen in a conversation with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed.

Tony Galliani is the National Sales Director at Companion Medical located in San Diego.


Transcript of this video segment:

Freed: And what kind of warranty does it come with?

Galliani: It comes with a one-year warranty, so if it breaks within that year we replace it with a new one. And there’s also no maintenance involved in it. We wanted it to be like a seamless transition from their current pen, so they don’t have to replace the battery, they don’t have to recharge the battery. The battery is warrantied to last at least a year.

Freed: And insurance? Do all the insurance companies or most of them cover them?

Galliani: Most of the insurances do cover it. Yeah, we’re seeing pretty good coverage nationwide on commercial insurance plans. We’re seeing coverage about 60% of the time, it really depends on the patient’s individual pharmacy benefit design on what their coverage is going to be, but we have a couple of mail order pharmacies that we’re working with. They’ll verify the patient’s benefits, call the patient, let them know what they’re co-pay is, and then they ship it directly out to the patient. But we’re seeing an average co-pay between $50 and $60, and that’s just one co-pay for the year that they would pay.

Freed: How long does the pen last? Because you don’t replace the batteries.

Galliani: We don’t replace the battery, right. So, basically when the battery dies is when you would purchase a new pen.

Freed:  And how long is that usually?

Galliani:  Well, we’ve only been on the market a couple of months now but its warrantied to last at least one year, so they’ll get at least a year out of it.

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