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Tony Galliani Part 4, Using InPen with Basal-Bolus

In part 4 of this Exclusive Interview, Tony Galliani talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed about how the smart pen works for basal-bolus injections.

Tony Galliani is the National Sales Director at Companion Medical located in San Diego.


Transcript of this video segment:

Freed: So, someone who’s on basal bolus, they would have two pens?

Galliani: Correct. They would have two pens.

Freed: And does the software take that into account?

Galliani: So, the Connected Pen is only for their bolus insulin, not their basal insulin. They would still use their basal insulin pen, the same way that they’re using it now. But what we did do in here to help track that is we added a basal reminder, so the patient would select what type in the app, select what type of basal insulin they’re using, how many times a day they’re taking it, the time of day they typically take it, and the amount that they take. And then every day at that time, they’ll get a pop-up on their phone, “Did you take your 18 units of basal insulin?” And then, the patient gets the choice to just tap, “Yes,” that they did take it, they can snooze it, or they can change the amount. And what that also is, it’s not only a reminder for the patient to take their basal insulin when they’re supposed to, but it also then tracks that into the log book. So, when the report is downloaded, the provider can see when the patient has taken their basal insulin, if they’re taking it at the time they’re supposed to take it and also to take in the amount that they’re supposed to take.

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