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Todd Hobbs Part 6, Real World Data And Future Studies For Novo Nordisk

In part 6, the conclusion of this Exclusive Interview, Todd Hobbs talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed about the upcoming focus on treating obesity as well as an oral form of semaglutide.

Todd Hobbs is vice president and US Chief Medical Officer for Novo Nordisk.

Transcript of this video segment:

Steve Freed: What is the importance of the real world data; what does it mean for people with type 2 diabetes?

Todd Hobbs: It’s important now but even becoming more important as we’ve seen from this conference. We’ve all for many years generated the RCT data, the randomized controlled trial data, for approval, for the FDA for regulatory reasons, but then you get out in the real world and large health systems, clinicians and even patients and importantly payers, say how does this drug or how does this medication work in our population. We have maybe different demographics or certain population and we need to know how this looks when it’s used in our group. So the real world data in the form of Confirm, and also we’ll begin to generate that real world data for Ozempic which was recently approved, is very important in all those groups. And again I think will increase in importance as we move forward in the coming years.

Steve Freed: So if you can talk about what’s in the pipeline that you’re really excited about.

Todd Hobbs: Well aside from oral semaglutide which I think has captured our excitement, that is the near-term pipeline that we really feel is going to be an advancement, and again because that GLP-1 use is not where it should be. And as an oral form, if we can get individuals who maybe fear the injection or don’t want to try an injection, they can have an oral form of semaglutide. We’re very excited about that. And in obesity we just kicked off our semaglutide obesity program, which is a standalone step program looking at four trials that will investigate semaglutide at a higher dose for specifically an indication in obesity, much like we did with liraglutide and Saxenda in the past for that approval. So that’s very exciting. We have a full type 1 research unit out in Seattle that continues to work on the inflammatory response of type 1. We have a fully pluripotent stem cell line that we’ve developed with UC Davis that we’re excited about for other diseases even outside of diabetes. So those things are some time to come. But we’re maintaining our efforts both in diabetes but also obesity as well.

Steve Freed: You know when I first started out in the field of diabetes I heard Novo Nordisk’s CEO talk, which just blew me away because he said,”Our goal is to put ourselves out business.” How are you doing with putting yourselves out of business?

Todd Hobbs: Well I’ll tell you that we’re working on it but type 2 diabetes is doing a darn good job of keeping themselves in business. We know not to joke about that. Type 2 diabetes with obesity as the leading contributor there is continuing just to rise in rates.


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