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Todd Hobbs Part 3, Dual 7 Trial-Xultophy

In part 3 of this Exclusive Interview, Dr. Todd Hobbs explains the DUAL-7 data in a converstion with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed during the ADA meeting in San Diego, California.

Dr. Todd Hobbs is Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Novo Nordisk in North America, where he leads the organization’s focus on the implications of diabetes for the patient, healthcare system, and healthcare professionals. He provides overall medical guidance to Novo Nordisk’s diabetes and obesity-related projects.

Transcript of this video segment:

Steve: What about the data from the DUAL-7?

Dr. Hobbs: The DUAL-7 is our trial where we look at Xultophy, which is our fixed ratio combination of tresiba (degludec) along with victoza. This was just recently launched, our sales team is just now out there talking about this with HCPs and getting coverage on the formulary. This was Xultophy, 1 injection a day only, going against up to 4 shots a day of basal bolus so full-on basal bolus. Patients came in on glargine 20-50 units and they either intensified by switching to Xultophy and titrating if needed or they intensified by adding meal-time insulin with Novolog. The results at the end were very encouraging, both the arms achieved a reduction in A1c, a very nice drop, that was equal, and also the numbers meeting the goals of A1c < 7% or < 6.5% were identical for both arms. What this is telling us is that you can use 1 shot a day of Xultophy and get the same glycemic results as the basal bolus. Another endpoint that adds to that is that you can do that and lower your risk for hypoglycemia with Xultophy vs. basal bolus. Patients also lost a little weight versus gain weight on basal bolus. The biggest endpoint in my mind was that 38% of patients on Xultophy were able to have an A1c < 7%, did not gain any weight and did not have any hypo. To me that’s the strength of the data.

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