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Todd Hobbs Part 1, Background and Introduction

In part 1 of this Exclusive Interview, Dr. Todd Hobbs talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed during the ADA meeting in San Diego, California, about his work at Novo Nordisk not only as chief medical officer but also as a person with type 1.

Dr. Todd Hobbs is Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Novo Nordisk in North America, where he leads the organization’s focus on the implications of diabetes for the patient, healthcare system, and healthcare professionals. He provides overall medical guidance to Novo Nordisk’s diabetes and obesity-related projects.

Transcript of this video segment:

Steve: This is Steve Freed with Diabetes in Control and we are here at the American Diabetes Association 77th scientific session 2017 and we’re here to present to you some really exciting interviews with some of the top endos from all across the world. And we have the honor of speaking to Dr. Hobbs. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

Dr. Hobbs: I’m Todd Hobbs. I’m the chief medical officer at Novo Nordisk here in the U.S. I have the opportunity to speak to many different individuals about diabetes every day, and that’s in the form of data, publications, but also talking with the leaders of ADA and other organizations about how our products can help with the care of diabetes patients throughout the U.S. We work with the FDA, so I have a long and broad range of responsibilities. But…it’s centered around a passion for diabetes. I have had type 1 diabetes now nearly 30 years, and I have a son who developed diabetes at age 5, so he’s had that more than half his life. Whether I am working and talking about diabetes, I am living with diabetes every day. So, I think the passions line up pretty well together.

Steve: Do you use a CGM?

Dr. Hobbs: I do use a CGM, yes.

Steve: And your son?

Dr. Hobbs: Absolutely. As a parent, it makes it a whole lot easier going to bed at night not having to worry so much about what’s happening with his sugar.

Steve: I see in the diabetes arena a lot of people that work for [diabetes] companies have diabetes, mostly type 1.

Dr. Hobbs: At Novo Nordisk, we have that as well. Many of our employees are here because of a personal reason. Themselves or their family members have an association with diabetes in some way.

Steve: I’m an avid bike rider. I certainly follow Novo One….

Dr. Hobbs: We had some of the guys at the booth with their bikes. I wanted to take one of the bikes, but they wouldn’t let me have it, but yeah, they’re a pretty amazing group.

Steve: I imagine normally in a bike group, and this is off-label talking (laughter), I imagine people on bikes are not type 1 diabetics; they’re not professional bike riders, so it must be pretty difficult to find those people.

Dr. Hobbs: There’s more than you would think and it’s pretty amazing how we’ll they’re controlled and how the biking itself enables them to take less insulin and really stay fit and make it easier to control their diabetes.

Steve: I’m sure they all have CGMs.

Dr. Hobbs: They do and they have to take in a lot of calories too when they’re racing and training. It’s quite a balance.

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