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The GLUCOCARD® 01 Meter

Apr 27, 2011


Glucocard01Patients will appreciate the tiny 0.3 μL sample size of the GLUCOCARD® 01 meter. The glucose oxidase based test strip platform provides results in as little as 7 seconds. The auto coded meter has a 360-test memory providing an invaluable tool to monitor Glucocard01Fanresults and patient progress. The GLUCOCARD® 01 meter also features time and date stamp, five-year warranty, and a modern, contoured design. The test strip bottle is compact, minimizing bulky testing supplies and the clear base gives your patients easy access to determine the number of test strips they have left. In addition, the test strips possess a long, six month open bottle expiration dating.  

GLUCOCARD® 01 users also have access to the free GLUCOCARD® YouChoose™ Wellness Program which includes a starter kit filled with self-help tools, videos, wellness articles, and on-going support through quarterly newsletters and blog posts. For more information, visit www.glucocardyouchoose.com.

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