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What is Diabetes in Control?

We care for your need to know.

Here’s what we deliver:

  • Short summaries of the best from 200 scientific journals, periodicals, studies
  • Top news on drugs, devices, and treatments
  • Articles by leading practitioners and industry experts
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  • Advanced methods to improve outcomes
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What other medical practitioners are saying about Diabetes in Control

“I appreciate what Steve Freed, Dave Joffe, and Andrew Young are doing at Diabetes in Control to keep timely and important information easily at the fingertips of providers caring for those with diabetes.”

Steven V. Edelman, MD Founder, Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD), 501c3 2009 American Diabetes Association — Diabetes Educator of the Year

“In reference to your newsletter Diabetes in Control, I have been a reader ever since I attended a CE you gave at FASCP 2 years ago. I am always looking for information that would be useful for our staff and have found that your newsletter is a very quick read and I can select the things that are important to me very quickly and easily. I have begun using your “Test Your Knowledge” as part of the weekly quiz we give to our doctor of pharmacy residents. I also use a lot of the information to help educate the physician residents (emphasis ours), during the weekly class sessions that our staff teaches.

I think that every pharmacist should subscribe to your newsletter and have introduced my (colleagues) at regional meetings in the past.”

Jeff Bush, PharmD Bayfront Medical Center Pharmacy

“You guys do a fantastic job of quick and easy-to-read reporting for those of us who are inundated with information but cannot always manage the time to read everything either. Thank you for this valuable service. There is a special place in diabetes heaven for you.”

Barbara Stillwater, RN, Ph.D.

“I have been reading Diabetes in Control for the past 6 years. I receive a lot of email newsletters each week and often have to select the ones that are the most valuable and forgo the rest. Your newsletter is always on my must read list. The information is concise and very informative. We have encouraged all our pharmacists as well as prescribing clinicians to subscribe to the newsletter. We have numerous pharmacist residents and interns, and your website archives and articles are used by many of them for research and presentation preparation.”

SAUMIL PATEL Assistant Director Pharmacy
Tampa General Hospital

More subscriber comments from our
2010 Subscriber Survey

I like what you are doing right now as it is precise and easy to use. I am very active in my work and need ease of use. Quick look and move on.

Overall, I like the present format. Since time is limited, it allows me to review the general "headlines" and dig deeper into the stories I am most interested in.

I look to this web site for accurate research reports that I can forward further to the general public via FaceBook of email. As a retired hospital and healthcare nutritionist I know about the misinformation about diabetes, and seek to correct these misguided opinions with real research rports. Keep up the good work.

Keep those details coming, esp. coverage and details of studies and new drugs

I am a women's health NP. I work w/ HSCT transplant pts and have a general gyne practice. I appreciate the insight into women and diabetes-management and prevention, trends to consequences; insights in pregnancy. thank you

I'm very happy with it right now. Changing to Sunday night/ Monday has been good- feels like a jump start on the week. You provide excellent, timely info. I look forward to the weekly newsletter.

I enjoy the succinct, one page articles of sometimes intricate topics.

It's terrific as is. Case studies of challenging pts are immensely helpful.

“It's an excellent site that I wouldn't change. Even the advertisements are well done and informative.

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