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Statin Dose and Risk of Incident Diabetes

Jul 8, 2011

A recent meta-analysis found a link between statin therapy and increased risk of developing new onset diabetes. The researchers found: “In 5 statin trials with 32,752 participants without diabetes at baseline, 2749 developed diabetes and 6684 experienced cardiovascular events for new-onset diabetes and 0.84 for cardiovascular events for participants receiving intensive therapy compared with moderate-dose therapy. As compared with moderate-dose statin therapy, the number needed to harm per year for intensive- dose statin therapy was 498 for new-onset diabetes while the number needed to treat per year for intensive-dose statin therapy was 155 for cardiovascular events. The researchers concluded: “In a pooled analysis of data from 5 statin trials, intensive-dose statin therapy was associated with an increased risk of new-onset diabetes compared with moderate-dose statin therapy.” AMA 305(24):2556-2564, 22 June 2011