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Podiatry and Diabetic Foot Problems: The diabetic foot is beset by 3 interrelated problems (to name a few) – Ischemia, compromised immune function, and peripheral neuropathy – all of which increase risk of injury, infection, and loss of limb. New tools, techniques and treatments can help you improve outcomes for your diabetic patients dealing with these and other foot problems.

Preventing Lower Leg Amputation


I have served for 29 years in the Peripheral Vascular Disease Clinic of a large metropolitan hospital. We see many diabetic patients who have already lost all or part of one leg and want us to care for the remaining extremity. When I interview these patients, I always ask for …

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LEAP Program: Free Monofilaments


LEAP Program: Free Monofilaments This monofilament, produced by the Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention Program, is used to test for loss of protective sensation in the feet — a key indicator of diabetes or risk of diabetes. To order your free monofilaments, just follow this link.

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