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Diabetes in Children & Teens: The following articles answer some important questions about diabetes in kids including:
– What are some statistics on diabetes in children and teens?
– What are the unique issues children face when managing diabetes?
– What types of diabetes can children and teens have?
– How can healthcare professionals best serve children and teens with diabetes?

Diabetic Emergencies: Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Childhood and Adolescence, Part 3 of 3


Christina Kanaka-Gantenbein, MD, PhD Acidosis management  Severe acidosis is reversible by fluid and insulin replacement. Insulin stops lipolysis and further ketone production and allows ketoacids to be metabolized, generating bicarbonate.4 Moreover, treatment of hypovolemia improves tissue perfusion and renal function, thereby increasing the excretion of organic acids. Controlled trials have …

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