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Diabetes in Children & Teens: The following articles answer some important questions about diabetes in kids including:
– What are some statistics on diabetes in children and teens?
– What are the unique issues children face when managing diabetes?
– What types of diabetes can children and teens have?
– How can healthcare professionals best serve children and teens with diabetes?

Autoantibodies Possible Predictors of Type 1 Diabetes in Children

Diesease progression possible with presence of two or more autoantibodies… Autoimmune type 2 diabetes is preceded by the appearance of islet insulin autoantibodies: GAD autoantibodies (GADAs), insulinoma-associated protein 2 autoantibodies (IA-2AS), and zinc transporter 8 autoantibodies. Previous studies show that diabetes will develop within 10 years in 27-40% of children with …

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Parents Influence their Children’s Diabetes Control

Parents diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension found to negatively impact children’s glycemic control… It is common knowledge that childhood obesity has been on a drastic increase for the last 20 years. The TODAY trial (Treatment Options for Type 2 Diabetes in Adolescents and Youth) was a large randomized clinical trial …

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