Wednesday , June 28 2017
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Neuropathy & Pain

When There’s Water, Check the Shoes


People who have diabetes are usually taught to purchase protective soft leather shoes with a wide toe box. That doesn’t mean everybody who has diabetes follows those recommendations. A woman, type 2 diabetes, who is knowledgeable about diabetes and foot complications was wearing cloth shoes with a “corded” bottom and manmade rubber sole. She was caught in the rain. Her shoes were soaked.

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Medipin® — to Detect Neuropathy


The pinprick or sharp sensation test is acknowledged and recommended by the ADA as a useful and sensitive method of testing for Loss Of Protective Sensation and predicting serious complications associated with diabetes. Medipin is a unique single use cutaneous pinprick testing device. Its patented precision technology has been designed to enhance patient pinprick sensation response.

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Inhaled Cannabis Reduces Diabetic Neuropathic Pain

Recent study has shown that inhaled cannabis has a dose-dependent reduction in pain intensity… Almost half of diabetes patients experienced diabetic peripheral neuropathy through their lifetime. Previous animal studies suggest that cannabis may be effective in reducing neuropathic pain, but there were no studies to focus especially on patients with ...

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