Tuesday , August 14 2018
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Nephrology and Kidney Care for Diabetics: Diabetes causes tremendous stress and damage to the kidneys. Diabetes patients are frequently renally impaired and at high risk for kidney failure if not on dialysis. This further complicates the management of their diabetes and increases mortality risk. However, new treatments, drugs, and clinical insights are aiding medical professionals in their fight against kidney disease and its relationship to diabetes.

Updated Formula Measures Kidney Function More Accurately

Children with chronic kidney disorder are often subjected to radioactivity and a large number of blood draws when clinicians measure how well their kidneys function. This process is also time-consuming and costly. A new formula has been developed that accurately estimates the level at which children’s kidneys are working using …

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The Message for World Kidney Day 2009

Hypertension And Kidney Disease: A Marriage That Should Be Prevented is the message for WORLD KIDNEY DAY 2009 and we have a special feature written jointly by Eberhard Ritz representing the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and George Bakris representing the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF), the two organizations …

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