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Nephrology and Kidney Care for Diabetics: Diabetes causes tremendous stress and damage to the kidneys. Diabetes patients are frequently renally impaired and at high risk for kidney failure if not on dialysis. This further complicates the management of their diabetes and increases mortality risk. However, new treatments, drugs, and clinical insights are aiding medical professionals in their fight against kidney disease and its relationship to diabetes.

Nitric Oxide Series, Part Eleven: Wound Care with Nitric Oxide Therapy — The Basis for The Anodyne System

Thomas Burke, Ph.D.

Use of the Anodyne Therapy System (ATS) appears to elevate NO locally so that blood flow can be increased directly at the site of application. This increase in blood flow is the basis of the therapeutic benefits of the ATS on pain and neuropathy, as we discussed earlier. Recall that arterial AND venous dilation occur …

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