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Cardiovascular Health and Diabetes: Diabetes is an inflammatory, cardiometabolic disease. It elevates nearly every cardiovascular risk factor, and most diabetes patients will die from cardiovascular disease. However, insights from new clinical research along with patient education provide new edges to improve cardiovascular outcomes in your diabetes patients.

Diabetes Mellitus 101 for Cardiologists, Part 7

In this week’s Homerun Slides, Dr. Stanley Schwartz discusses the “Adipocytokine Syndrome” which he describes as “A New Model for Insulin Resistance and Beta Cell Dysfunction.” He also reviews and compares several diabetes drugs’ effects on insulin resistance and beta cell function as well as other diabetes comorbidities….   To download these …

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Diabetes Mellitus 101 for Cardiologists, Part 2

In this week’s Homerun Slides, courtesy Dr. Stanley Schwartz, we continue our examination of diabetes from a cardiologist’s perspective with topics including the Factors Contributing to Cardiometabolic Risk and the Pathophysiology of Diabetic Complications: Implications for Goals of Therapy…. To download the complete set of these slides in PowerPoint (.ppt) …

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