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Special Edition SGLT2 Letter from the Editor, Issue 1

Apr 10, 2013

This week we are pleased to bring you a special edition on the new SGLT2 Inhibitors. While many other publications have had information on this new class and the first of its kind approved drug, we decided to go into much more depth in our delivery of information.

The SGLT2 Inhibitors bring a whole new concept to glucose control. Ever since the development of insulin in the 1920’s the goal of medication treatment has been to either find a way to store excess glucose in the body or decrease production of glucose by the body. This class of drugs does something totally different, it actually removes excess glucose from the body.

Our goal in this edition is to make you an expert on SGLT2 Inhibitors, providing greater insight into the tradeoffs and applications of this new drug class. We have prepared three special features for you, each one specially prepared to give you the best information possible.