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Special Edition, SGLT2-Inhibitors, Editor’s Desk

Jul 23, 2013

We have now had about three months of use of the new medication, Invokana (canagliflozin). During this time many publications including our own newsletter have been running feature stories as well as ads for the product. This delivery of information is in addition to the field representatives calling on prescribers. For this month’s SGLT2-Inhibitor Special Edition we thought that it would be good idea to see how this delivery of information has gone. Our first feature is a compilation of calls by our Doctor of Pharmacy candidates to offices all over the country to find out the latest on what clinicians are thinking and how much they’re prescribing this new medication.

The second feature, prepared by Jordan Mustanon, UF Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate, is a way for you to Test Your Knowledge of this new class of drugs, and for our third feature, we revisit our review of the AACE Presentations of SGLT-2 Inhibitor Data.