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Special Edition on Insulin, Issue #2

Oct 16, 2013

While we were preparing this endocrinologist-only special edition I realized that I had an opportunity to speak to the insulin experts. I am often called upon to speak to primary care physicians about early insulin use in type 2 patients and typically find a lot of resistance. However I know that when I get a chance to talk to endos that convincing you to use insulin is not the issue. So our features contain information that you may use for your patients or yourself.

Our first feature looks at the question of whether artificial sweeteners actually require insulin dosing. This is important to our patients as so much of what they hear about sucralose and other non-nutritional sweeteners is more rumor than fact including the idea that as a diabetes patient they can eat all they want. In addition the use of sugar alcohols in many "low carb" foods has burgeoned and how these affect insulin use also needs to be addressed. We have included a PDF file that explains how these sweeteners are made and their expected effect on insulin use.

We also have couple of features on how the liver and insulin interact to help you help your patients understand the physiological process and since you are the largest prescribers of insulin we have included an article on why patients don’t take their insulin the way you direct them.

Our tool for this special issue may save you and your staff a lot of hassle when patients call to see if their vial or pen is still good and could help you justify "days supply" questions to pharmacies and insurance providers.