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Special Edition: Best of 2010

Dec 14, 2010

As I look back over the past year, it has been quite a ride for all of us in healthcare and in diabetes.

Congress passed the historic healthcare reform law but will it stay? Part of that bill reduced payments to physicians by 24% and Congress blocked the reduction three times before finally postponing it for a whole year.

One well-known diabetes drug narrowly escaped removal by the FDA while another one that could have revolutionized diabetes care, was held up before it could even be approved. Three weight loss drugs didn’t receive approval and the meter companies had to make changes during the year because of the enzyme used in many of their strips.

There were new guidelines for glucose diagnosis and management, and a new position paper on activity and diabetes. Many new studies focused on new cures and treatments and we gave you information on every one of them.

This year we have scoured our archives to find the best articles, features, tools and questions to share with you. Please look through this impressive line-up and see why we are so glad to bring you the information to help you help your patients.

Happy Holidays from Dave, Steve, Andrew, Heather and all the rest of our staff at Diabetes In Control!