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Some Blood Glucose Number is Better than No Number

Nov 22, 2016

In my experience, most people will check their fasting glucose levels, but due to time, place, not enough strips, or just the fact they don’t want to see…many will not check after eating.

For those who will only check once a day, I recommend alternating a fasting blood glucose check with a bedtime blood glucose check. Getting a number at bedtime at least gives me an idea what’s happening with the post prandials.

Better if they will check twice daily, fasting and bedtime, but if once, alternate times if possible.

Lessons learned over the years:

  • Some people won’t check glucose levels. Do obtain A1Cs every three months and teach, teach, teach!
  • For those who will only check once a day, assess and address why they will only check once a day.
  • For those who still won’t check more than once daily, recommend alternating between fasting and bedtime checks.
  • For those who forget unless they check first thing in the morning, remember, some number is better than none. Ask patient to eat before visit and obtain random glucose level in office. This will at least give you some idea of the post-prandial number.
  • Knowing what number to target helps the practitioner know the correct treatment to choose for the best outcome.


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