Sleep As Android

Aug 15, 2013

Urbanandroid Team
Free for 2 week trial/Android



For your diabetes patients with sleep problems, the Sleep as Android app is more than a sophisticated alarm clock with a sleep cycle tracker. 

Sleep as Android tracks sleep patterns to find the optimal moment for wake up because waking up in light sleep is natural, gentle. Features include: sleep tracking (records a sleep actigraph using the device’s accelerometer) with deficit stats, deep sleep percent, sleep cycle detection; smart wake up including optimal phase; time to bed notification, decreasing deficits; lullaby, helping patients fall asleep with nature sounds and binaural beats; and a gentle alarm, with a gradual volume increase. Also includes a sleep rating system and comments. Patients can share data over Facebook, Twitter. Other features includes a CAPTCHA: Math system to check actual wakefulness, Sleeping Sheep, QR Code, Shake your phone, Sleep Talk Recording, Anti-snoring, Snoring detection, Snooze limits, Sleep advice, Alarm Playlists and many more…

Sleep As Android (Android)