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silver cloud crocs

Nov 25, 2008

Made with Croslite Ag+™ which is nano-Silver ceramic crystals acombined with Croslite™. This creates a material which is naturally anti-microbial, effectively killing harmful strains of bacteria and fungi which are routinely at issue with foot infections. These crocs can even have an orthotic placed in them. To learn more about these shoes, click here

silver cloud

Crocs shoes are made from Croslite™ which in many ways is an ideal medium for footwear:

• Croslite™ is a microbial-static, closed cell resin that does not absorb any moisture, helping the shoe to stay odor free by not promoting the growth of microbes, such as bacteria or fungi
• Croslite™ forms a soft, shock absorbent foot bed that reduces loads on the feet and other joints and doesn’t break down over time as do other shoe polymers
• Croslite™ is non-surface marking
• Croslite™ is naturally slip resistant on wet surfaces

Why Silver?
Certain foot conditions make a person more susceptible to skin breakdown, foot odor and infection.
Some of these conditions are:

• Diabetes
• Lymphedema
• Peripheral Vascular Disease
• Peripheral Arterial Disease
• Lupus
• Neuropathies
• General poor circulation

Silver is a well known, time-tested anti-microbial agent. It is currently used in eye drops, bandages, wound dressings, burn salve, topical ointments, and various other medical and non-medical products as a means of killing a wide range of menacing bacterial, fungal and viral microbes.

Croslite Ag+™
When nano-Silver ceramic crystals are combined with Croslite™, the end result is Croslite Ag+™ a material which is naturally anti-microbial, effectively killing harmful strains of bacteria and fungi which are routinely at issue with foot infections, namely bacterial staphylococcus infections and fungal “athlete’s foot” infections. The anti-microbial environment of the Silver Cloud™ can be a critical benefit for those susceptible to such infections.

How Croslite Ag+™ Works
Croslite Ag+™ is formulated with 1800 parts per million of silver crystals in the Croslite™ resin. Numerous microbial tests were performed to determine this concentration, which produces a reliable 90+% kill rate for bacteria and fungi, and which is effective over a one-year period of time. Each new batch of Croslite Ag+™ which is created is independently tested to assure this kill rate.

Croslite Ag+™ works by a slow, steady release of silver ions, which maintain an effective concentration in the area in and around the Silver Cloud shoe for a minimum of one year. The silver ionic release rate is accelerated by three factors, heat, moisture and saline concentration. In other words, the hotter and sweatier the feet become, the more silver ions are released to fight the increased threat of infection.

Croslite Ag+ is effective with the patient wearing the shoes with or without socks. Silver ions are extremely small, small enough to penetrate the cell walls of microbes, and thus easily penetrate the sock material to reach the skin surface of the foot. The Silver Cloud is recommended to be worn with a high quality, protective, diabetic-style sock such as the Ortho Cloud™.