Tuesday , August 14 2018

Shake a Snack

Sep 4, 2012

JuggleFit LLC
Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS63pmWP7c4


Find healthy and easy snack recipes, each with only 3 ingredients.

Contains over 350 recipes you find by shaking the food slot machine. Remove ingredients you do not like to filter recipes. Match your food preferences with vegan and vegetarian filters. Save your favorites. Submit recipe ideas. Also includes tips for healthy eating and easy snacking.
Overall Impressions from Around the Web:
Users seem fairly enthusiastic about this very simple app. The developer is also keeping the app up-to-date and adding more recipes so this could be a relatively easy as well as fun way to motivate your patients to eat better.

Shake a Snack – JuggleFit LLC (iOS)

Not yet available for Android