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SGLT2 Inhibitors Special Edition Issue 7

Oct 23, 2013

It has taken a while but the use of the SGLT-2 Inhibitors appear to be catching on. My pharmacist colleagues have been telling me that more clinicians are writing for Invokana and patients are coming in for refills. It seems that some of the early fears of high levels of fungal infections have subsided and more prescribers have decided that the use of Invokana can be a valuable addition to the diabetes armada.

This month in Issue 7 we asked our current PharmD Candidate from LECOM College of Pharmacy, Phuong Nguyen, to look at new research into how SGLT2 Inhibitors may work to preserve beta cell function.

We also have an article looking at whether to select a DPP4-I or a SGLT-I for your patients, and our video is from Cyrus Desouza, MBBS, as he helps us to follow his thought process for prescribing Invokana.