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Sept 1, 2018

Sep 1, 2018

Last week, we celebrated my daughter’s 31st birthday and this week we have a couple of articles related to her.

I was looking for a nice blouse that she had in mind and was in H&M in the mall. While looking in the women’s department, I saw a mom with her preteen daughter and although the child was not even 4 ft tall, her mom had her trying on clothes that were way too big just because they were on sale. Evidently mom must have thought that these were “one size fits all” clothing, and kept telling the girl that the clothes looked fine. This reminded me of the way we manage diabetes, and when it come to kids how we often have them “try on” adult solutions for their care. This week, Melissa Bailey, our USF Pharm D candidate, has an article from our good friend Dr. Desi Shatz on proper diabetes care for all ages.

My daughter also cycles with me and, as is custom, she had to ride her age in miles on her birthday. This is only one of the things she does to stay fit as she subscribes to Dr. Sheri Colberg’s method of using Cross-Training. To see what she does, check out Item 6.


We can make a difference!


Dave Joffe