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Scripts Program – A whole new way to provide patient education

Apr 25, 2006

If you like customized teaching materials then check out this week’s New Products from Pritchett and Hull and be one of the first 50 who sign up to receive a free demo of their new Scripts education program.

The originator of commercially prepared patient education materials announces the next generation of materials

Pritchett & Hull Associates began publishing patient education materials in 1973. The company began with the main focus of creating materials that patients could understand and that would give them the information they needed to know about their disease, procedure or recovery. And, that the materials would be illustrated to help communicate the content. They believed then and now, that humor helps in healing. So P&H materials uses humor in the illustrations to ease anxiety and foster a “good feeling” from the patient. Pritchett & Hull has been the leading provider of high quality materials ever since.
In 2005, P&H introduced a web-based print-on-demand patient education product, called ‘scripts from Pritchett & Hull. This is the next generation of patient education materials. It offers the flexibility to healthcare providers to give each patient only what is needed at that time in their disease management or recovery, but allows for comprehensive coverage when the provider determines the need for it.

Customization is an important factor in ‘scripts. The product allows for customization:

· at the institution level with “Notes” – whenever the institution has a specific policy or discharge instruction that needs to go with a handout, “Notes” provides a way for this. The “Note” can be created once for that handout and will automatically print each time the handout is printed. And when the handout is updated, it does not affect the ”Note.” It remains until deleted or changed by the institution.

· at the patient level with “Coversheets” – whenever specific instructions need to be given to a patient along with the handout, a “Coversheet” can be created on the fly to accompany the handout and “Note” if applicable. Each “Coversheet” will bear the patient’s name, so the patient knows the material is just for him or her. This special feeling (“they did this just for me”) carries over into better compliance on the patient’s part. It also speaks well for you and your institution.

· at the institution level with “Branding” – each handout, “Note” and “Coversheet” is branded with the institution’s name and logo to foster the image of the institution within the community and patient population. It appears it is custom created for each patient by the institution. And the high quality product is an additional impetus toward marketing the high quality of the healthcare your institution provides.

‘Scripts is available in modules. You only have to purchase the modules you need. But the module gives you unlimited printing capabilities for as long as you license ‘scripts. No more worrying about inventory storage or reordering. You will always have educational materials at the press of a button to help your patients. Each handout prints in black and white or full color. Pritchett & Hull always welcomes feedback from its users about additional handouts needed as well as changes needed to existing handouts.

‘Scripts is licensed for a minimum of one (1) year. It can be renewed year after year. A nice feature is the ability to add a module to the license as you go along. The add-on module is prorated to the end of your original license year so that there is only one license to be purchased each year.

‘Scripts currently contains the following modules:
· diabetes
· heart failure
· cardiac medicines
· high blood pressure
· coronary artery disease

The Company has announced the following schedule for coming modules:
· Second quarter 2006
· Asthma
· Pulmonary Medicines
· Fourth quarter 2006
· Cardiac Rehab
· Myocardial Infarction
· Anti-smoking
· First quarter 2007
· Angina Pectoris
· Endocarditis
· Arrythmia
· Second quarter 2007
· Stroke
· Gastroenterology

Diabetes In Control has negotiated with Pritchett & Hull to allow our members to find out more about this new product. Pritchett & Hull has agreed to offer the first 50 Diabetes In Control members who sign up, the ability to demo the diabetes module of ‘scripts for a limited time. Each member who signs up for a demo and completes a survey about the product will be given 2 tear pads (50 sheets each) of their choice. In addition, P&H will award 10 lucky demo users a free 6-month license to use ‘scripts. This will be a full license, including your institution’s name and logo. Click Here for more information