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Scott Isaacs Part 3, How Frequently Do You See Patients?

In part 3 of this Exclusive Interview, Scott Isaacs talks with Diabetes in Control Medical Editor Joy Pape about the regularity of contact with patients during their weight loss phase.

Scott Isaacs, MD, FACP, FACE is the medical director for the HMR Program for Weight Management at Atlanta Endocrine Associates and a faculty member at Emory University School of Medicine.


Transcript of this video segment: 

Pape: How often do you see people during their weight loss phase?

Isaacs: So, we have a team and our patients who are losing weight rapidly are going to have contact with somebody on the team twice a week. So, they’re usually coming into a class once a week and then they’ll have a midweek phone call with their health educator, so they’re getting that behavioral connection a couple times a week. They’ll meet with a nurse once a week and just get vital signs and just go over any medical issues they may be having. And then they’ll meet with me or with another physician periodically depending on the risk factor. So, if it’s someone with a lot of risk factors, for example, someone with diabetes on high doses of insulin, I may see them every week. If it’s someone who’s relatively healthy, doesn’t really have — not on any medications, doesn’t have a lot of issues, I may only need to see them once a month. So, we just try to use an individual approach.  



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