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Scott Abbott Part 5, Additional Advantages of V-Go

In part 5 of this Exclusive Interview, Scott Abbott talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed during the ADA meeting in San Diego, California, about the other benefits of using the V-Go system.

Scott Abbott is the Director of Medical Development at Valeritas.

Transcript of this video segment:

Steve: What are some of the other benefits?

Scott Abbott: We also did an economic analysis. We found that V-Go in the 2 analyses here as well as previous publications of analyses that we have done before, that there is cost-effectiveness and cost-benefits for using V-Go as compared to previous therapies they were on or to the control group that we were looking at in this prospective study.

Steve: Is that pre-filled or do you have to fill it?

Scott Abbott: You have to fill, and it’s filled with a U-100 fast-acting insulin.

Steve: Doesn’t make any difference what brand?

Scott Abbott: And the V-Gocleared for U-100 fast-acting insulin and we have done chemistry studies and can recommend the use of Humalog and Novolog.

Steve: Not Apidra?

Scott Abbott: We can’t recommend that, it’s currently not in our instructions for use. We do have the information available in our FDA labeling for the other 2 insulins.

Steve: Are there any other benefits that you have seen?

Scott Abbott: There have been some additional analyses that haven’t been disclosed yet. We are looking to publish those. It’s just the intrinsic nature of the device being on you and the patient having the ability to administer their insulin with this device on them. Which allows for the removal of some of the barriers that can be present in dosing insulin, in public for example, but also having the convenience and simplicity of having this on you at times as well tends to be a big improvement.

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