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Scott Abbott Part 1, Introduction

In part 1 of this Exclusive Interview, Scott Abbott talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed during the ADA meeting in San Diego, California, about how the V-Go insulin delivery system can be used in diabetes patients in real world settings.

Scott Abbott is the Director of Medical Development at Valeritas.

Transcript of this video segment:

Steve: This is Steve Freed with Diabetes in Control and we are here at the American Diabetes Association 77th Scientific Session 2017 and we are here to present to you some really exciting interviews with some of the top endos from all across the world. We are going start off with a very special guest, Scott Abbott, who comes from a company called Valeritas. First, tell us a little bit about your background and what you do.

Abbott: Sure. What I do for Valeritas, I am the director of medical development and that involves a number of things for the company. Both in terms of product development with our V-Go insulin delivery device, but also new products and other technologies that we are working on. It also allows me to be involved within our clinical studies program and helping to design, analyze and publish and report on our clinical study findings as well.

Steve: Can you speak to the real-world implication in this year’s ADA data regarding daily control for diabetes patients?

Scott Abbott: Sure. We actually have two studies that have been presented or discussed here at the ADA meeting in 3 different abstracts. 2 poster presentations and 1 oral presentation that occurred this morning. What this means for patients is that it shows how the V-Go insulin delivery device can be used in the real world. These are real world or naturalistic study designs that are used in patients being treated by their clinicians in normal settings and it shows how the V-Go device can help improve patientss A1c and typically by using less insulin to improve those A1c’s. We have done cost-effectiveness analyses to show the cost-effective benefit in using the V-Go insulin device in those patients.

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