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Saunas May Help Cut CVD Risk

Mar 5, 2015

Although past research has shown a link between sauna use and fewer cardiovascular events, a large study from Finland suggests its use could also help decrease all-cause mortality and that the associations may be “dose-dependent.” The take-home message: the more an individual relaxes in the warmth, the better. A study, including more than 2,000 men in Finland, showed that the rate of sudden cardiac death (SCD) and fatal CHD, fatal CVD, and all-cause mortality 18 years later were all significantly lower for those who used saunas two to three times per week at baseline vs those who only used them once a week. The numbers were even lower for those who participated four to seven times per week. All-cause mortality was the only event not significantly associated with time spent per session. — Published online February 23, 2015 in JAMA Internal Medicine.