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Runtastic Heart Rate Pro

Jan 29, 2013

iOS $0.99/Android $0.99


As smart phones become more and more a part of our daily lives, it seems the developers and inventors are also finding more ways to use the various features that come along with the devices. This new app uses the phone’s camera lens to actually measure heart rate (HR) at any time.  Patients can check their resting HR, max HR, and HR before and after fitness. They can even see the development of their heart rate in a graph, and program in reminders to measure HR. And they can share this information with clinicians as well as friends.

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

Although the developers stress that this app is not an approved medical device, users seem pretty happy and impressed with the performance, mostly commenting that it does exactly what it says. A recent update (Jan. 18) should also take care of a few lingering technical problems. The only other negative comments seem to center on the app’s prompts to share the user’s data with the world.

runtastic Heart Rate PRO (iOS)

runtastic Heart Rate Pro (Android)