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Richard Bergenstal Part 3, New Innovations at AACE and ADA

In part 3 of this Exclusive Interview, Richard Bergenstal talks with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed about the promising diabetes innovations and studies being shared with diabetes professionals.

Richard Bergenstal MD, is an endocrinologist and Executive Director of the International Diabetes Center at Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Transcript of this video segment: New Diabetes Innovations at AACE and ADA

Freed: And what do you think is the most exciting thing coming out of the AACE Meeting here? And what do think coming up at the ADA Meeting next month could be the most exciting?

Bergenstal: Well, I think AACE is always a good meeting for — to me, really practical, in the office, we gotta get this done. And so, to me, I’ve heard a lot of really good discussion about logistics. You say CGM is important. How do you get everybody to download and get the data, and get it in front of you, and get it to the EMR and get it usable, and make it work with the workflow? And AACE is really good at that. So, I’ve been impressed that innovations that are coming are actually going to get used more because of meetings like this with AACE.

I also know there was an amazing discussion this morning about regenerating beta cells. And so, at least we can dream into the future to say, “Maybe this closed-loop stuff, as exciting as it is, is a stepping stone to the next breakthrough.” You mentioned ADA coming up, I think there’s going to be some more trials there that are showing the real benefits of utilizing CGM in practice, some in type 2. There are some exciting new insulin therapy studies coming out, even though people are saying, “Oh, insulin is old school now. We have these new drugs that don’t cause hypoglycemia.” There’s going to be some exciting studies (on) the effective use of insulin. So, ADA, some new definitions of some new standards about the estimated A1C maybe being replaced or brought back into the glucose reports. So, anyway I look forward to learning some more things next month.

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