Monday , June 18 2018
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We have videos from AACE, ADA, and AADE that feature the speakers from those events. You will be the first to learn about the breakthroughs in diabetes care. You will also hear about interesting research projects that our featured diabetes experts are leading.

Brian Wansink, PhD: What Do You Do About Carbs?


Brian Wansink shares his tips on the best ways to get patients to reduce the carbs in their diets, emphasizing that a hot protein breakfast is one of the best ways to start a day. He also advocates helping patients reduce their snacking with simple steps, and discusses a couple …

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Dave McCulloch, MD, Q4: What Is the Best A1c?

Dr. McCulloch explains why he is not in favor of pushing patients towards lowering their A1c, in light of the results of the ACCORD study. He says that although lowering A1c has become a sort of mantra over the last few years, and it might even be a good idea …

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Dave McCulloch, MD, Q5: How to Motivate Patients to Change Behavior

Dr. McCulloch shares his strategies for working with patients to inspire them towards healthier lifestyles. Finding out about the patient’s life, including their daily routines, when they eat and exercise, and what is important in their life, are key to understanding each individual patient and then helping them change their …

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Dave McCulloch, MD, Q6: What Is So Great about SMA’s?

Dr. McCulloch talks about why he thinks Shared Medical Appointments (SMA’s) or Group Appointments are a great idea. From his own experience both participating and designing SMA’s, he outlines the benefits including the fact that, despite the prevalence of diabetes in society, many patients feel quite isolated. Communicating in a …

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Dave McCulloch, MD, FRCP, Introduction

Dr. David McCulloch introduces himself and confirms that he is from the U.K. but now lives in Seattle, Washington, where is part of the Group Health team serving between 25,000 and 30,000 patients with diabetes. More videos with Dr. McCulloch: Dave McCulloch, MD, Q2: The Most Important Innovations in Diabetes …

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