Sunday , January 21 2018
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We have videos from AACE, ADA, and AADE that feature the speakers from those events. You will be the first to learn about the breakthroughs in diabetes care. You will also hear about interesting research projects that our featured diabetes experts are leading.

Steven Blair, PhD Introduction

Dr. Blair introduces himself and explains that his main interest is in the study of physical activity which he has been studying for 40 years. More videos with Dr. Blair: Steven Blair, PhD Q1 Why Is Physical Activity Important for Diabetes Patients? Steven Blair, PhD Q2 How Do You Get …

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Steven Blair, PhD: How Do You Get Patients to Stay Physically Active?


Steven N. Blair, PhD, FACSM emphasizes that it is difficult to make lifestyle changes and that the “finger treatment” (i.e, “You better do this!”) is not very effective for most patients. Instead we need programs based on behavioral science which we haveonly started to us in the 25 years. We’ve learned  but still have ways …

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Steven Blair, PhD: Techniques to Motivate Patients


Just in time for the New Year, Steven N. Blair, PhD, FACSM, gives us an outline of some of the techniques he uses to help change patient behavior. First, have the patients establish “where they are” by self-monitoring — this can be done with an accelerometer or step tracker. Next, set a reasonable goal …

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Robert Stanton MD Introduction

Dr. Stanton introduces himself and explains that he works in four different medical arenas: researcher, professor, administrator, and clinician. More videos with Dr. Stanton: Robert Stanton Q1 The Research on Low-Protein Diets and Kidney Disease Robert Stanton Q2 High Protein Diets and Kidney Disease Robert Stanton Q3 What Would You …

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Martha Funnell Q4 What Is the Best A1c

Dr. Funnell gives us her thoughts on the best A1c and says she would want a number in the pre-diabetic range. She also says she tries to follow good diet and exercise practices but that conferences such as the ADA sometimes make it difficult!   More videos with Dr. Funnell: …

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