Monday , June 26 2017
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We have videos from AACE, ADA, and AADE that feature the speakers from those events. You will be the first to learn about the breakthroughs in diabetes care. You will also hear about interesting research projects that our featured diabetes experts are leading.

Oded Langer, MD, PhD, Introduction

Dr. Langer introduces himself and what he is working on currently. More videos with Dr. Langer: Pregnancy and the Safety of Oral Diabetes Medications  What Diabetes Drugs Can Be Used by Pregnant Women with Diabetes?  What Is the Best Test for Blood Glucose Levels in Diabetic Women? Do Many of ...

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Steven J. Russell MD, PhD, Introduction

Dr. Russell introduces himself and explains that he is working on topics related to automated blood glucose control, bionic pancreas, the accuracy of CGM, and the pharmacokinetics of rapid-acting insulins. More videos from Dr. Russell: Could CGM Be Used to Educate Type 2’s? How Can CGM Motivate Patients to Better ...

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Stanley Schwartz, MD, Q4: What Is the Best A1c?

Dr. Schwartz discusses what the best A1c might be for a patient with diabetes, the current ADA guidelines, and how the guidelines have changed over the years taking into account different clinical data and criteria, including measurements of retinopathy and CV health. He also discusses the possibility of getting A1c’s ...

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