Monday , December 18 2017
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We have videos from AACE, ADA, and AADE that feature the speakers from those events. You will be the first to learn about the breakthroughs in diabetes care. You will also hear about interesting research projects that our featured diabetes experts are leading.

Joseph Houmard, PhD: Can a Patient Be Both Healthy and Obese?

Dr. Joe Houmard address the issue of “healthy obesity” noting that although recent data does seem to support the concept, especially for those who are overweight rather than obese, it is still preferable for patients to be at a normal weight…. Joe Houmard, Ph.D. has been at East Carolina University in …

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Joseph Houmard, PhD, Introduction

Dr. Joe Houmard gives us a brief introduction to himself and explains how his experience as a competitive athlete influenced his decision to explore how exercise helps people to live healthier lives. Other videos with Dr. Houmard: How the Benefits of Exercise Go Way beyond Weight Loss

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