Friday , July 20 2018
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Treatment Options

Would you treat a patient with an A1c of 5.7-5.9%, who has diabetes in their family history and is a few pounds overweight with elevated cholesterol, with metformin along with diet and exercise, or just diet and exercise to get started? 1) Just diet and exercise to start 2) Diet and exercise along with metformin 3) Wait until their A1c is higher 4) Other Follow the link to share your opinion!

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New Combination Drug

Now that a new combination drug of a GLP-1 plus DPP-4 is approved, will you: 1. Recommend it for current patients 2. Wait until we have further information on its use 3. Not sure Follow the link to respond and see what your colleagues think.

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Testing for Prediabetes

In your practice, how do you test for prediabetes? 1) OGTT 2) A1c 3) Fasting blood sugar 4) Random blood sugar Follow the link to see how your answer compares!

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