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Healthcare Solutions

Which of the healthcare solutions proposed by the 2016 presidential candidates do you think would be best? Follow the link to share your opinion! 1. Build on and improve the Affordable Care Act 2. Repeal and replace the ACA 3. Have a single payer “Medicare for all” system 4. Other

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Treating Diabetes

What is the most important aspect in treating diabetes -- lowering blood sugars or protecting the heart? Follow the link to respond!

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Interview Format

Which format would you like to see for interviews? Video, audio (podcast), written transcript? Follow the link to respond!

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SGLT-2 Recommendations

Since recent developments in the use of SGLT-2 inhibitors, are you positive or negative in recommending to your patients? Follow the link to respond.

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Switching to Basaglar

Will you consider switching over your Lantus users to Lilly’s new basal insulin Basaglar, which is not approved as a biosimilar product, but has the same exact properties as Lantus and will likely be less expensive? (follow link to respond)

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Treatment Preference

Of the new medications for type 2 patients, which one do you prefer most for an overweight type 2 patient with an A1c of 8.5% after putting them on metformin? Follow the link to respond.

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