Friday , February 23 2018
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Stroke and Dementia Risks With Sugars and Artificial Sweeteners: Fact or Fiction?

Researchers use data from large ongoing cohort study to look for connection. In a recent study, researchers concluded that sugar and artificially sweetened beverage intake have been linked to cardiometabolic risk factors, which increase the risk of cerebrovascular disease and dementia. The study examined whether sugar or artificially sweetened beverage …

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CGM Preference

Which CGM system do you prefer? 1) Dexcom C5 2) Abbott Freestyle Libre 3) Medtronic Elite 4) Either 5) None Follow the link to see how you and your colleagues compare.

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Insulin Therapy Barriers

A 51-year-old patient returns to your office for a follow-up visit. She is currently taking metformin and glipizide after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 8 years ago. She shows you her self-care logs that indicate she has been eating a healthy diet and walking daily. She has been maintaining her weight (BMI 26kg/m2). Despite her excellent efforts, her A1C is 7.8%, above her target of A1C<7.0%. When you start to discuss adding a basal insulin dose to her regimen, she bursts into tears. All of the following are common barriers to insulin therapy initiations EXCEPT: A. Fear that hyperglycemia will make her ill. B. Fear others will treat her differently because she needs regular injections. C. Fear of needles or that insulin injections are painful. D. Fear that insulin causes death or complications. Follow the link to see the answer.

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Mark Peyrot Current Interview

Mark Peyrot is Professor of Sociology at Loyola University Maryland and Professor of Health and Social Sciences at Bergen University College (Norway). He formerly was a faculty member in the departments of Sociology and Medicine at the University of Kentucky and Medicine at Johns Hopkins University.

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