Friday , July 20 2018
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Current Interview: Amin Zayani

Amin Zayani is the founder and CEO of MedAngel. He works with his team of engineers, pharmacists and designers on improving drugs safety for patients who live with diabetes and rely on temperature sensitive drugs like insulin. Their solution, MedAngel ONE brings a simple and easy to use temperature monitor that is compatible with smartphones and supports all FDA-approved insulins and many more medications.

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National Treatment Targets

What percent of your patients with diabetes fail to meet national treatment targets for glycemic, blood pressure, or cholesterol control? a) >50% b) >75% c) < 50% d) 25% Follow the link to see how you and your colleagues compare.

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Prandial Insulin Administration

Test Your Knowledge

Your patient has been systematically titrating his basal insulin dose for the last 6 months; his daily dose is NPH .90 U/kg/day. Despite his good efforts, you decide it would be prudent to add a prandial insulin dose to his treatment regimen. Which of the following scenarios might lead you to this conclusion? A) A1C=7.4%, FPG<130 mg/dl, PPG>180 mg/dl B) A1C=7.0%, FPG<130 mg/dl, PPG<180 mg/dl C) A1C=7.0%, FPG<120mg/dl, PPG<160mg/dl D) A1C=6.8%, FPG<120 mg/dl, PPG<160 mg/dl Follow the link to see if you got it right.

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Amin Zayani Transcript

Amin Zayani discusses insulin safety and how the path to creation of the Medangel ONE app for insulin temperature monitoring began when his refrigerator accidentally froze his insulin and made it completely useless.

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