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Can Exercise Overcome Environmental Impacts like Pollution on Diabetes Risk?

Dr. Sheri Colberg on Avoid Weight Gain from Insulin Use and Treating Lows

By Sheri R. Colberg, PhD, FACSM
It's known that lack of exercise, poor eating habits, genetics, and lifestyle factors can all contribute to the onset of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. I have spent many years touting the benefits of lifestyle change to prevent and manage these health conditions—and in some cases reverse them. Exercise is a particularly important lifestyle management tool because of its ability to lower inflammation (the underlying cause of insulin resistance) naturally.

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CGM Studies

In your experience, what have most studies about CGM demonstrated?

- HbA1c is lower in CGM users regardless of age or type of insulin delivery.
- Patients using MDI + CGM have greater reductions in HbA1c than those using CSII + CGM.
- Reductions in glycemic variability and time spent in hypoglycemia are not significantly different between SAP and MDI/RT-CGM therapy groups.
- All of the above

Follow the link to see how you and your colleagues compare.

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SGLT-2 Side Effects

Which is not a side effect of SGLT-2 Inhibitors?

A. Kidney failure
B. Hyperkalemia
C. Ketoacidosis
D. Hypertension
E. Increased cholesterol levels
F. Serious urinary tract infections
G. Increased bladder cancer risk
H. Serious allergic reactions

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