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Acanthosis nigricans

Test Your Knowledge

Acanthosis nigricans presents as a brown to black pigmentation usually seen in the neck or armpit areas. In relation to diabetes, this may indicate: A) granuloma annulare B) diabetic dermopathy C) type 1 diabetes D) insulin resistance Follow the link to see the correct answer.

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What’s Your Number?

Because the A1c test is important for more than diagnosing diabetes and prediabetes, it is important that we each know what our A1c is. Do you know what your A1c number is? Follow the link to share your response!

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Current Interview: Linda Siminerio

Dr. Linda Siminerio RN, PhD is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh and Executive Director of the University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute. Dr. Siminerio has organized 44 diabetes self-management education programs throughout western Pennsylvania and for the U.S. military at Wilford Hall Medical Center at the Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Dr. Siminerio’s primary research topics include diabetes education, diabetes translation into community interventions, pediatric diabetes care and education, and the psychosocial and behavioral aspects of diabetes.

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