Tuesday , October 24 2017
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International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus, 4th Ed., Excerpt #76: Insulin Actions in Vivo: Glucose Metabolism Part 2 of 9


Glucose metabolism: Introduction. Any given concentration of glucose in plasma (and in the space in equilibrium with plasma) is the result of simultaneous release of glucose into the circulation and uptake of glucose from the bloodstream into cells. Whenever plasma glucose concentration is stable, the concurrent rates of its release and overall uptake must be equal. Glucose turnover (TR) is this rate of constant flux through its system.

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Current Video Interviews: Dr. Scott Isaacs


Diabetes in Control speaks with top endocrinologists and other medical professionals to bring you the latest in diabetes news and research. This week, we have a special interview with one of the presenters at the AACE 26th Annual Scientific & Clinical Congress in Austin, Texas, Dr. Scott Isaacs, who shares his knowledge about endocrinology, obesity, and medical weight loss.

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