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HbA1c Reliability

When is the HbA1c not reliable?

A. Recent blood transfusion
B. Renal failure
C. Medication use (e.g. aspirin)
D. G6PD deficiency
E. All of the above

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Eliminating Complexity in Treating Type 2 Diabetes

How do you choose the best, affordable treatment for each patient from 6 Million possible combinations for your patients with type 2?

Diabetes in Control is working with an endocrinologist and computer specialist who have developed a program to help you in deciding the best treatment option to manage blood glucose that the patient can afford using their insurance. They are looking for medical professionals to use it and provide feedback.

Would you be interested in learning about a free software that can go through 6 million possible drug combinations for patients with type 2, providing the best options for treatment using the patient’s medical information and insurance? It will rate each combination as to how much it could lower A1c, and provide the cost for each treatment, plus any side effects and even coupons, if available, for the patient to use. This program has already been used for hundreds of patients. See the software in action in a 9 minute video.

If you're interested in trying the software, email me at publisher@diabetesincontrol.com.

Follow the link to share your opinion or request more info.

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Confusing Insulins Still A Common Mistake

I have a patient who has type 2 diabetes. He was started on long-acting insulin 8 months ago. Before adding the insulin, he was taking a daily GLP-1. He had experienced diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) while on a SGLT-2, and did not tolerate metformin due to GI side effects. Therefore, these …

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